Kingdom Agreements

House Stalasi

Agreements: None, Ioseph Stalasi has supported your endevours from the beginning
Benefit: Free embassy with Restov

House Surtova

Agreements: Formal declaration of allegiance to the Crown of Berovy, and permission for Surtovan agents to act within your borders without harassment
Benefit: A fort garrisoned with a battalion of loyal Berevish soldiers, and an embassy with New Stetvan.

House Lodovka

Agreements: Support Surtova’s claim to the crown, and make Geb Lodovka either general or admiral
Benefit Lodovkan aid in constructing a pier, and an embassy with Winterbreak.


Agreement: Friendly relations between the two new provinces.
Benefit: Free embassy with Varnhold

Church of the Eternal Order

Agreement: Never raise your tax level to crushing, outlaw black necromancy and make evil undead killable on sight.
Benefit: Support of the Order’s white necromancers and clerics in hunting down and dealing with undead threats.

Church of Asmodeus

Agreement: Kingdom’s alignment must be non-chaotic, and a temple to Asmodeus must be constructed in your capital within 5 years.
Benefit: A contingent of Asmodean priests

Farmers and Merchants of Rostland

Agreement: Proving the farmers and merchants of Rostland some territory in which to expand their holdings for the profit of their families. (One farm hex does not provide 2 BP consumption reduction)

Lady Vellara

Agreement: Some territory to be set aside to develop as she will, for her own benefit.
Benefit: A noble villa, and her seasoned political advice

Council of the Caravans

Agreement: Free travel of kith upon all roads within your nation, and the Council gets first dibs on all caravan routes.
Benefit: The aid of Council experts in drafting new trade routes, and unlocking the Kith Ghetto building

Knights of Ozem

Agreement: Three of: kingdom must be lawful, necromancy must be outlawed, and a temple to Iomedae must be built within the capital, the Church of Iomedae must be made the official state religion, and a one of the general, warden, or marshall must be a member of the Knights of Ozem. If four of these are met, the Knights will offer a half-price Knights of Ozem Monastary.
Benefit: A battalion of Knights of Ozem to protect your capital and investigate necromantic and demonic incidents within your borders.

van Richten Society

Agreement: Allow the Society’s agents to operate unmolested within your borders when hunting the Children of the Night, and allow the Society to distribute copies of the van Richten guides and support those who wish to be monster hunters.
Benefit: The society will use its publishing expertise to help construct a newspaper.


The Order of the Palatine Eye

Agreement: Allow the Order to catalogue your notable findings, and access to your nation’s libraries and other places of knowledge. Nation will not interfere with the Order’s within the borders.
Benefit: The order’s aid in constructing a museum.

Kingdom Agreements

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