Kings of Berovy

2296-2301: Choral Rogarvia, the Conqueror

United Berovy with sword, dragonfire, and, not mentioned as much in the history books, some good negotiation skills. Bold, clever, and charismatic, Choral always had the long term in mind, making sure his family would be well entrenched in a longstanding realm. However, as with many men who always are looking to the future, Choral always seem impatient and dissatisfied with the present.

He vanished in the Margreve Forest on the fifth anniversary of his victory over the Aldori forces at Skywatch, leaving his wife Myrna Surtova, and son Cibor behind.

2301-2314: Interregnum under Nikos Surtova

Grandfather to Cibor through his daughter Myrna, Nikos controlled most of the workings of government for the thirteen years until Cibor came of age. The Surtovas got many important positions in government which they have managed to keep in the family ever since, and which the current head of Surtova, Noleski, has leveraged into his current rulership of the nation.

2314-2341: Cibor

A wholly unremarkable king, not used to command and fairly dependent on his advisers, especially Nikos Surtova. Still, trade flourishes, Swordlord rebellions are put down, and the influence of Issian nobility in Rostland is established during the stable years of his reign.

2341-2366: Bonamis

A bold knight who was known for his code of laws, which were generally seen to be fair and reasonable (and which also reduced the number of succession crises happening in the minor noble houses, thus solidifying the borders of the major noble houses to the borders we recognize today, only some minor changes).

While he was good at lawmaking, it bored him and he really wanted to have a good war. He responded with great force to the minor revolts during his reign and tried to provoke Restov and the remaining swordlords into rebellion while pushing for aggressive actions against rising powers in the River Kingdoms (which actually caused many to back down from their plans of River Kingdom domination, frustrating him greatly). He attempted to re-establish control in the Stolen Lands, but colonization was sluggish and prone to disasters.

2366-2368: Vuyik

Died from a plague caught in the Icerime Peaks, which was presumed to originate from Ioberia (may have been poisoned).

2368-2381: Sudomir

Bonamis’ younger brother (ascending to the throne due to the death of Bonamis’ only heir—Sudomir’s descendants would become the royal line up until the Vanishing). Known as an avid hunter and collector of artwork (which is often credited to his Lebedan mother). He left New Stetven much more cultured and beautiful—with statues, parks, and a more refined style. He also left the kingdom near the brink of debt.

2381-2401: Edmert

Edmert famously quarrelled with his father over expenses, and many thought he would be the answer to the debt crisis. He was, but most found that his solution of heavy taxation—while effective—was not what they had been hoping for. Some see Edmert as a harsh and uncaring king while others see him as an efficient bureaucrat who did what he had to to keep the kingdom running.

2401-2407: Urzen

Urzen eased the taxation of his father, but his shy nature (especially after the death of his first wife) made it difficult for him to win back the trust of the peasantry.

2407-Present (2416): Noleski Surtova

A cunning and shrewd man, like his great-grandfather Nikos, Noleski took control of Berovy’s government after Urzen and the entire Rogarvia family vanished. After a one year interregnum, and with no Rogarvia heir to be found, Noleski claimed the position of king due to descent from Regent-Lord Nikos and the ancient alliance between Choral and the Surtovas.

Kings of Berovy

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