Settlements in Berovy

Fort Serenko

Lonely border fort
LN Village
Population: 140 (110 humans, 15 halflings, 10 half-elves, 5 other)
Leaders: Commander Piotr Mikhailov

This lonely wooden fortification has stood for years on the southwestern border of Brevoy. It is one of that kingdom’s most isolated posts and stands as an outpost against the lawless brigands of the Stolen Lands.

New Stetven

City of Wooden Palaces
CN Large City
Population: Population 328,500 (298,800 humans, 12,170 halflings, 10,840 dwarves, 3,120 half-elves, 1,180 elves, 820 gnomes, 710 half-orcs, 590 kithkin, 270 other)
Leaders: King Noleski Surtova, Princess Natalya Surtova, Lord Mayor Valmar Khovansky, Archbishop Ilia Churkin, First Knight Anarrow Ivanova of the Knights of Ozem

New Stetven stands on the southern bank of Lake Reykal in central Brevoy and serves as the nation’s capital. The city has been the seat of power in Brevoy since the warlord Choral the Conqueror founded it in a century ago, after uniting the separate nations of Issia and Rostland under his rule.

Today, New Stetven is a bustling trade city, acting as a hub for exporting Issia’s rich supply of fish, grain, timber, and ore to northern Brevoy and nearby Irrisen, Numeria, and down the East Sellen River to the River Kingdoms. In exchange for these much-needed goods, imports of rare Numerian skymetals, strange Irrisani magics, and ancient Osiriani relics are common in New Stetven’s rough-and-tumble marketplaces.

New Stetven, a city that has made prodigous use of wood in constructing everything from mansions, to streets, to forts, is known as “The City of Wooden Palaces.” Due to the prodigious number of wooden structures within its walls, the city boasts several volunteer fire brigades that protect its buildings—citizens mostly join these brigades out of a sense of civic pride. There are but two notable stone structures in New Stetven—the Ruby Fortress, where the Dragonscale Throne sits, and the Basilica of the of Gauntlet, the seat of the Iomedian Archdiocese of Berovy.

The weather in New Stetven is atrocious, with rain and snow constantly turning the ground to mud, and filling its streets with snow and slush.

Nivakta’s Crossing

Wary border town
CN Small Town
Population: 1,120 (1,000 humans, 60 gnomes, , 40 half-elves, 10 dwarves, 10 others)
Leaders: Lord Mayor Irven Revanisu, Sheriff Lorin Kaven, Abbot Kara Ilarenika

The southernmost town in Rostland, Nivakta’s Crossing, is an alert town of tradesmen, hunters, fishermen, and trappers. The village itself is surrounded by a wooden palisade and is set on the northeastern bank of the Shrike River. A low bridge allows access over the river here to the wilderness to the south— the southwestern side of the bridge being fortified by well-manned guard towers.


City of the Swordlords
CN Small City
Population Population 187,600 (152,400 humans, 12,200 dwarves, 9,500 halfings, 8,200 half-elves, 1,600 kobolds, 1,300 elves, 600 gnomes, 200 kith, 700 other)
Leaders: Lord Mayor Iosep Stalasi, First Swordlord Jamandi Aldori, High Druid Evanki Keegh

Nowhere is the Rostlandic spirit more alive than in the Free City of Restov. The city owes its allegiance to the Brevic crown, and Lord Mayor Iosep Stalasi must bend his knee before the Dragonscale Throne like any other lord. Though House Stalasi attempts to maintain a hold on the restless southern lands, in truth Restov belongs to no House, making it a haven for the lost glories of the Aldori swordlords and those who look back to the old days before the coming of the Conqueror.

Restov is a city of both refinement and rough-and-tumble manners, as only a colony can be in fondly recalling and imitating its motherland. The gentry of Restov consider themselves sophisticates, although a Taldan visitor might consider their ways quaint and touched with no small amount of northern barbarism.

The city is a bustling trade center along the border. Restov’s relative wealth supports no small number of idle and titled lordlings and merchants’ sons. They frequent the various Aldori and Taldan dueling schools as well as the alehouses, and fight each other in street corner challenges at dawn and dusk. The schools, salons, and taprooms of Restov are also hotbeds of rebellious talk against the reign of King Noleski Surtova, with young firebrands in search of a leader to rally them to the cause.

Settlements in Berovy

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