Silva de Cervo Overview

Kingdom Overview

Ruler: Duke Regium Batori Fillus Asmodeus
Size 7452 sq. miles; 79 Hexes (Hills x35, Plains x13, Forest x23, Marsh x5, Mountain x5)
Population: 14,225 (Human 84%, Kobold 4%, Gnome 3%, Kith 2%, Elf 2%, Halfling 2%, Dwarf 2%, Other 1%)
Alignment: LN

Terrain Improvements

Farm x22
Mine x3
Fishery x3
Apiary x2
Sawmill x2
Herbal Cultivar x2
Ranch x6
Royal Reserve x2
Road x25
Highway x22
River x41
Bridge x14
Peat Cutting x2
Signal Tower
Watch Tower
Border Crossing x2


Statue of the Stag
The Lonely Barrows
Dragonbreath Grotto
Sulphur Pools
Linnorm Skeleton

Annual Holidays

Merrymead – February 2nd, a day to celebrate Spring’s coming
Stag’s Fall – May 13th, the founding of Silva de Cervo
Archer’s Fest – July 3rd, a celebration of summer, and a day of courtship and trade
Harvest Festival – The Three Days of the Harvest Moon. A celebration of the harvest, as well as a time to commemorate the dead. Ghost stories and parties abound.
Seven Veils – November 23rd, a day to commemorate the alliances between the civilized races

Silva de Cervo Overview

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